The boyhood spent watching ancient films, reading half-digested biographies and media stories, the numerous faltering careers including egg delivery man, bed salesman and MPs assistant, the experience of living in a shabby sea-side town like Blackpool...all inform the backdrop to Glyn Bailey’s music. Now booking! 

The origins might lie in the earliest musical memories of Sinatra discs on the family stereogram, or a later love of classic pop, but a respect for storytelling, melody and well crafted lyric is clearly what permeates his music. Varying the viewpoint between protagonist, victim or observer, he explores life's complexities and contradictions with a wordsmith’s sensitivity & warmth. The subject matter may be informed by dark cynicism, but always relieved by subtle humour that can be surprisingly uplifting. 

Asked to name specific influences, Bailey’s answer is usually an unhelpful "Everything I hear", but there are undeniable traces of Beatles, Bowie, Jarvis Cocker and even Nick Cave. Guiding the listener through sometimes dark subject matter via insistent melodies and crafted lyrics, with a voice unmistakably his own. 

He currently divides his time between spells in the UK and Spain and working on completing his 6th album.